Perception EP

by River Aria

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released May 25, 2017

Written by: Joseph Murphy and Tim Long
Lyrics by: Tim Long
Produced by: Joseph Murphy



all rights reserved


River Aria Biloxi, Mississippi

We are an Alternative/Rock/Progressive Band from Biloxi Mississippi

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Track Name: Leaf Men
When I was a child
I'd walk through this garden.
It was miraculous,
And anything could happen on a moonlit night so long ago.
I strain to remember.
Now the plants are sickly.
They whither and die.
I can't save them now.
The garden is in peril.
It grows weaker yet.
I can't save it now.
Your skin is soft and now the frost is on the ground.
You'll never make it unless you wait till the sun comes back to get across.
You must call upon the Leaf Men. Only they can save things now.
To call them, climb the highest tree.
Sing low and sure, "Leaf Men, we are in need."
The battle won't be easy.
Climb our way to the top.
We won't die with your hands around our throats.
I won't die with your hands around my throat.
Track Name: King Safety
The willing pawns are inching their way toward the forward lines.
"Attack the space between us, and step-by-step the distance, the gap, is closing."
At one point we started equal but opposite.
Charging headlong into a conflict that's sure to bring us loss.
There is but one among us who cannot fall.
There is but one among us who cannot fall!
With all these moving parts the picture begins to fade before it becomes clear.
Another twist, another turn regretting moves we could have made...we make.
With all these moving parts the picture begins to fade,
But it becomes so clear!
In order for us to find this subtle comfort
We've begun to branch out without the peaking effort.
There's no effort.
In another glance the image changes again.
It's not the pattern, but the form...
A single span to bridge the gap.
"Make loss the new norm!
Lay it down across the grid, across each shape.
Set it down in the square for all to see- for all to see it."
It's not enough to simply cross the divide.
It's not enough to simply cross the great divide.